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Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. 
                 -  Einstein

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Humor Column using life as inspiration

There is a Padlock on the Hamster Cage
Super Sieve
Or – Remind me Dear, who are you again?
5 Tips for Writing Humor
Between Chaos and Clutter
My Night With Barney
 - Writing Erotica 
The Writing Life
Last Will and Testament

Or Loot my body ‘cause it’s all you’re getting
Deadlines and Delirium
Or – Food for thought, the main course
5 Tips For The Budget
Or - Robbing Peter to pay Paul to make merry
Crap And Other Privileges
The Pens Go Missing
Meet Wheresmy

- Goddess of the unseen
Pats On The Head

Or -  The Eclectic Kudos Flaccid Text
The Write Attitude On Paperwork Day
An honored tradition among writers just got better
Funny Hill
 Memoirs of a Woman of Humor
Seven Dwarves
  - My Multiple Personalities 
Small Towns - Real Writers
Eye Boogies and Sugar Cookies
Writers Block Course
Writing Parents
Procrastinator? Me?
- I'll let you know tomorrow
Y2K2 - Writers Beware!
Ode To A SideKick 
Create The Perfect Study
Alphabet For Living Longer
The Camera Adds 20 lbs.
Bats Make The Best Fertilizer 
- writing in the wee hours
Fun-Filled Days Offline
Writers Are Sex Fiends? 
We Become Writers Because... 
Sex and Pennies





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